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Brake pads & discs

Mobile Brake Replacement Service

If your brakes are getting low and you don’t want to spend a couple of hours at a garage, why not try our mobile brake fitting service? We come to you and replace your brake pads & discs at home or work.

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If your brake pads are worn out and need changing, we can supply and fit brand new quality brake parts for you in a timely manner. Our technicians are able to replace brake hardware on a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and many more. It doesn’t matter where you are either, we can replace your pads and discs either at our depot in Poole or at your home! All of our mobile vans have the equipment necessary to provide a quality brake repair service right at your doorstep.

Mobile Fitting

Don't spend hours at a garage! Try our mobile fitting service at no extra charge.

Quality Parts

We always use quality parts whenever we replace your brake hardware to ensure your vehicle is safe and performs well.

Experienced Staff

All our technicians are experienced with the process of brake repair and will make sure your vehicle is looked after.

Brakes For Cars & Vans

We can replace brakes on both cars and vans. It doesn’t matter whether you have an Audi A3, an BMW 5 series, or a Ford Transit. Our experienced brake technicians will be able to service your brakes for you without any issue. We always use quality parts when replacing brakes to ensure that whatever vehicle you have, your brakes are going to perform optimally and responsively.

Mobile Fitting Available

If you don’t want to spend hours at a garage waiting for your brake pads to be replaced, then try our mobile brake replacement service. We come to you at home or work and replace your worn brake pads and discs — our mobile service vans carry all the equipment required to fit brakes. We can also install new brake pads to vehicles that have electronic parking brakes (EPB).

If you’ve got a brake sensor warning light on your dashboard, we can reset this by replacing your pads and installing new sensor wires to the vehicle. We can also manually reset any additional brake warning lights using our diagnostic equipment.

Brakes - FAQs

Nope! If you are within our normal service area then mobile fitting is absolutely free.

Our Apec parts come with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects.