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Save money on a new tyre by having your puncture fixed at home!
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Mobile Puncture Repair

So you’ve got a puncture on your car, and you need it fixed, but you can’t go anywhere because the tyre is flat. What do you do?

Your first thought might be to put your spare wheel on, but if you own a modern vehicle then you may find that your car doesn’t come with a spare as standard. Newer cars only come with a ‘tyre-inflation kit’, which is no good if you’ve got a large hole or cut in your tyre.

Maybe you could call your breakdown company? It’s a perfectly fine option, but it may involve a long waiting time, both on the phone and in person. Besides, all your breakdown company would be able to do is tow you to a local garage, which would involve even more time being wasted.

Fortunately there is a quicker and easier solution to fix your flat tyre. It’s a solution that has zero waiting time, zero hassle, and will save you money on the price of a new tyre – the solution is our mobile tyre repair service!

If you’ve never used a mobile tyre repair service before, it’s actually surprisingly simple. All you have to do is give us a call, or send us a message with your reg and location, and we’ll get you a price for a repair. 

Providing you’re happy with the cost, we’ll send a fitter to you and he’ll be able to fix your tyre on the spot. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, work, or at the side of the road, we can repair a tyre anywhere with our fully equipped mobile tyre vans.

Our mobile tyre repair service is available across a wide area of Poole and Bournemouth, so if you’re in our local service area then we’ll be able to come to and fix your flat tyre today!

If you want to find out more, or would like to get in touch, then give us a call today on 0800 7311 260. 

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Save Money With A Puncture Repair

If your tyre is in good condition, but has picked up a screw or a nail, then you may not need to replace it. Instead, you can save yourself the money on a new tyre by having it repaired.

Not every tyre is repairable, but we always try our best to fix as many tyres as possible. 

All of our puncture repairs are performed according to strict British standards, so you can be sure your tyre is 100% safe and roadworthy once we’ve fixed it for you.

Flat tyre repair
Same day tyre fitting

Have Your Flat Tyre Fixed Today

A flat tyre can happen at the worst of times, perhaps you’re about to leave for work, or need to pick the kids up from school, but you can’t go anywhere because you’ve got a puncture.

You need your tyre to be fixed, and you need it fast. Well, when it comes to speed of service, no-one does it better than us!

With an average arrival time of less than 60 minutes, we’ll be able to get you back on the road in no time.

How Much Does A Tyre Repair Cost?

A mobile tyre repair is always going to be cheaper than buying a new tyre, but just how much cheaper?

The price for a mobile tyre repair will vary depending on several factors such as your tyre size and vehicle make, so if you would like to get a quote then you’ll need to get in touch with us.

Contact us today on 0800 7311260 to get a price for our mobile tyre repair service.

What Our Customers Say

Susan Feast
Google Review
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Excellent service, Paul dealt with the appointment to sort out my flat tyre efficiently. A very likeable Dean arrived and carried out the job in a friendly but professional manner - I would definitely recommend and use again.
Google Review
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Excellent service. Right from the start, Paul told me when they would be able to fix my flat, kept me informed and arrived on time! Would thoroughly recommend for anyone who needs a puncture fixed in the Dorset/Wiltshire area.
Jenna Paul
Google Review
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Fab service, had flat tyre on a Sunday - called Freeway who came immediately, fixed quickly and were very reasonably priced. Wouldn't hesitate to use again. Very happy customer!
Louise Barker-Tufft
Louise Barker-Tufft
Google Review
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Omg can’t rate them highly enough! Had a flat tyre at home, saved me money on the tyre and by 10am it was all fixed and ready to go... fast, professional, polite with great value and service. What more can you ask for? Thank you!!!
Andrea Fortune
Google Review
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Called Freeway on a Sunday morning with a flat tyre, they were super efficient, came out and sorted it out very fast. would highly recommend this firm. I was still able yo take my son to his footie match at 10.30! 🤩


We have a five-mile service area for puncture repairs, so if you live in Poole or Bournemouth then you’ll be covered in most cases.

Providing the repair has been performed according to BSAU159 standards, then yes. All of our tyre repairs are 100% safe and roadworthy.

Providing the puncture is near the centre of the tyre tread, and the tyre hasn’t been driven on flat, then it’s likely we’ll be able to fix it.

Roughly 20 minutes upon arrival.

No we don’t, and we don’t recommend it either.

It’s possible to drive on a flat tyre for a short period of time, but it will cause irreparable damage to the sidewall and therefore will require a new tyre.

Puncture repairs are designed to last the lifetime of the tyre.

A puncture repair kit is designed to get you to safety when you’ve got a flat tyre. So once you’ve used it, the tyre will need replacing.