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Front Wheel Tracking

Wheel Alignment

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What Is a Wheel Alignment?

A front wheel alignment, also known as tracking, is when the ‘toe’ of your front wheels is adjusted. Sometimes during normal road use, you steering geometry be knocked out of alignment. Over time, this misalignment can cause your tyres to wear unevenly and can also negatively impact the handling of your vehicle.

What Is 'Toe'?

The front-toe of your car refers to the direction that your front wheels are pointing. For example, if your front wheels are pointing outwards then we would call this ‘toe-out’, and if your front wheels are pointing inwards then we would call this ‘toe-in’.

Some car manufacturers may state that your front wheels need to be slightly toeing in, or toeing out. So having some positive or negative toe can actually be a good thing. However, the problem comes when the amount of toe is excessive and is outside the threshold specified by the car manufacturer.

Toe Out

If your wheels are excessively toeing out then this can cause severe wear on the inside of the tyre. Slight toe out can be good for increase steering response, but it can affect your stability when driving in a straight line at high speeds.

Toe In

If your wheels are excessively toeing in then this can cause severe wear on the outside of the tyre. Toe-in provides a more stable driving experience but will make your steering less responsive.

The Alignment Process

Our wheel alignment process consists of three key steps:

The technician will check the suspension of your vehicle and your tyre pressures to ensure that everything is as it needs to be, and no components require changing.

If a wheel alignment is performed without these pre-alignment checks, then the adjustments may be made in vain as the worn components, or low tyre pressures will continue to cause handling and tyre wear issues.

Once all the necessary pre-alignment checks have been made, then we will take an initial front toe reading and compare it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If your toe is within the tolerance set out by the manufacturer, then no alignment will be required; however, if your vehicle’s front toe is outside the tolerance readings, then we would recommend that you have the alignment adjusted.

At this stage, the technician will proceed to free off any adjustable steering components such as track rod ends, or pinch bolts, and move them accordingly so that the correct toe is achieved.

Once the toe is successfully adjusted, the components will be tightened back up to the correct torque setting. A test drive may be performed if the toe was significantly out prior to the adjustment.

The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Tyre Life

Correct wheel alignment results in even tyre wear - meaning that those new tyres you just paid for will last much longer now.

Fuel Economy

Excessive mis-alignment requires more effort to drive your car forwards. Wheel alignment saves fuel and simultaneously saves money.


If you car pulls to the side when the steering wheel is straight, then a front wheel alignment can be a quick and easy solution to this.

Buy 2 or More Tyres - Get a Free Alignment Check

We offer a free, no obligation wheel alignment check at our depot when you purchase two or more tyres from us.

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Karl Bateman
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Excellent service. Within an hour of my initial phone call they had me booked in, came out and changed my tyre. Price was good. Very happy and I'll definitely use these guys again when I need a new set.
Peter Tom Leech
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Phoned agreed price and done within an hour. Amazing service. Well done. The big boys wanted more money and a two day wait.
Jamie Wakefield
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Great guys. Came out within an hour. No fuss. Great price!
Rachel Cortisa
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Brilliant customer service. Great guidance and reasonable prices.
Harrison Gooderham
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Very quick, professional and reliable. They came within 30 minutes and I'll most definitely use them again.

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FAQ Section

It depends on the make and model of your vehicle. If you visit our depot we can check for you and advise which option is best for your car. If you do require a four-wheel alignment then we would recommend visiting a Hunter Alignment Centre.

We only offer wheel alignment at our depot. A true wheel alignment requires a totally level surface and we can only guarantee this when you have an alignment at our depot.

The price for a wheel alignment starts from £29.95, but may increase depending on the type of vehicle and the age.